Thursday, 8 December 2011


“Squirrel motions for her to sit on one of the chairs.

Magpie chatters quizzically at the host and moves

apprehensively across the room”

The link above is for a Youtube trailer for Battenberg a short animation by a friend Stewart Comrie. I helped for a short time building the set and tinkering with some of the animation. Its won a few awards recently including a BAFTA for ‘Scotland New Talent Award 2010 for Best Animation’. Its about 13 minutes long and well worth checking out, think Aardman animations meets Jan Svankmajer.

Some photos i took from the set!


· BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award 2010 for Best Animation

· Jim Poole Scottish Short Film Award Winner 2010,

· Nominated McLaren Award for Best New British Animation 201

· Edinburgh International Film 2010

· Inverness Film Festival 2010

· CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival 2010

· International Animated Film Festival 2010

· Encounters International Film Festival 2010

· Celluloid Screams Sheffield Horror Film Festival 2010

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